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Chucky joined our family in October 2010 when he was 3 months old. He is a wonderful dog who is a faithful friend and companion to our family. The second love of his life is a ball and he will bring it back to you and play for hours and hours as long as you are willing to throw it. He loves water and thinks every filled tub is for him!
We welcomed Chucky's half brother Scooter to our family in April 2011. The boys are like two peas in a pod. They are always together in play and in sleep.
When our daughter Lori is home with Lily and Daizy we have four mini assies in the house and that is a lot of fun. Thank you Deanna for introducing us to this amazing breed of dog.

DJS RIPTIDE CRN, HIC, SC-Freestyle Basic, SQ-Sport Expert

Riptide took 1st place in the Skyhoundz Sport Expert Division in a field of over 30 dogs.
He earned an invitation to the 2011 Skyhoundz World Championships in Chattanooga, TN held Sept 24-25, 2011.

"Riptide earned his Rally Novice titled in a single day, qualifying all 3 of his runs and earning two first place ribbons and a second place."

I know it's only been a couple of years, but it feels as though Riptide has been with me forever and I couldn't imagine being without him. He is my friend, my sidekick, and my constant companion. He really is the perfect dog for me. I remember back to the day that I first met you and your dogs.

Riptide and his litter were playing in the kitchen and he plopped himself in my lap as if to say 'I'm your dog and you're my person, so what the heck are we still doing here?'He and I have been bonded ever since.

For all of the crazy adventures that we've been on (and we have certainly been on a few wild ones), Rip has always enjoyed life to the fullest and is always prepared for our next trip into the great unknown. We play agility together, herd both sheep and cattle, go skijoring in the winter, we do backpacking and scrambling in the Rocky Mountains, and play disc.

For every new task Rip puts on a smile, wiggles his nubbin of a tail, and off we go! He excels at virtually anything I ask him to do. Walking with Riptide is like walking with a rock star. Everywhere we go we get stopped for questions, pictures, and comments. His manners are impeccable and his behaviour is a testament to your breeding program and to the breed.

I can't thank you enough for trusting me with one of your pups. I really do have the best dog and the most loyal friend in the world.



We'll talk more about Synder because it was him you helped bring into this world. Suffice it to say, he has become the best little brother Skye could ever have asked for. They are the best of friends and carry on as all siblings do, no differently than they would had they been born into the same family. Synder is a gentle, loving soul who can't receive enough love. Perfect for us because we have so much to share! Every day, Synder's confidence and preferences grow. It's been remarkable to watch his personality develop from the shy and awkward 9 month old pup


we fell in love with and brought home. He is still a little awkward at times but he knows he is safe with lots of time to become himself. Our young Aussie is not like any other you could ever imagine. True he is absolutely gorgeous (total eye candy) but it's his personality that is so precious. Remarkably for a young Aussie, he is so calm and gentle. He is our proverbial shadow. As long as we are near, he will simply curl up into a beautiful little ball of fur and go to sleep. When he's awake, he follows every pair of hands he can find to nuzzle under. Getting dressed in the mornings has become more challenging as he has decided it's a perfect time for cuddles. He is so silky soft and cuddly, of course, we oblige! No matter what we're doing, he finds time to make it snuggle time. He is such a lovable mush-ball! As for the creature comforts in life, they are a mixed bag for Synder. He doesn't much know what to do with toys. But, they have so many, he's learning from Skye that they're pretty cool things to chew up. Having said that, there is the matter of his big doggie pillows. Synder has a definite preference for the soft cushy things in life- the floor is for the uncivilized

Synder and his brother Skye



Through great thought and the betterment of the breed we have decided to put Tye in a pet home. Skoach's and I feel that it is Tye's best interest. Tye is living with a friend of the family and is loving every minute of it. Spoiled rotten and they often get comments on how nice a puppy he is. I would like to thank Skoach's Mini Aussies for the wonderful opportunity of having Tye in our care and possibility of being added to our breeding program. We look forward to working with Skoach's again in the future


Hey Dianna,

Just wanted to write you a note letting you know how Tye is doing. He has adjusted wonderfully to his new life here with us. Tye has become an amazing family friend... rather then just a pet. We really didn't know how important he would become as a friend to our Autistic son. Tantrum time was always the hardest time for our son, but Tye has somehow managed to understand the problem and acts as a diffuser. We are so amazed with the connection the two of them have made. When Tye senses a problem, he is right beside our son ready to go to work. He loves our daughter as well, always looking for their playtime together. Even our golden retriever "Sophie" has adjusted well, accepting Tye as a friend.

Our family would like to thank you again for the matching us with our newest family member.

The Cherneskie Family



"My life has been so full and happy since Kaylee has become a part of it. It was the best decision I have ever had to bring her into my life. We will be training for flyball together in the winter and in the meantime she loves to play fetch and catch Frisbee. She loves children and is a very happy little girl." Tina.



Brutus / Dexter is liking his new home. The boys are playing very well together. He is a great dog. I can't believe how fast he has accepted us and hisnew home. He growls at dogs on TV and likes the back yard. He is happy and so are we. Thank you for allowing us to take him home. He is exactly what we were looking for.


Hi Dianna:

Hannah is doing great. She is a great pet and her temperment is fantastic. Our kids should take lessons. She has become a great addition to our household and has become a very sociable little beast. The only one she hasn't completely won over yet is our 13yr old cat, and it hasn't been due to a lack of trying. Every time the cat gets near that little bob tail of Hannahs just about wags off.She is very intelligent and her ability to tell you what she wants is rematkable. She is still on the Royal Canin and she has been kept off of all people food. Her health is great and she has had all of her shots.Recently we took her out of her pen at nights and she has a bed in our room. She is very happy to be close to us at night and settles in without issue.As far as her size is concerned we are very careful to ensure that we don't overfeed her and she looks great. She's about 20" at the front shoulder and she weighs 44lbs. She is very solid and if she grows into those feet she may put a few more pounds and inches on. I have included a couple of images that I took of her including a couple from tonite after she got back from her walk.


"We love her, everyone comments how well behaved and what a
wonderful temperament, she has. She really fits our outdoor lifestyle."



Hi Dianna,

It has been a year since we picked up our wonderful aussie Olive from you. I have attached a few pictures from over the past year so you can see how beautiful she turned out. She was fixed in December and graduated from her first set of training classes in April. We hope to start agility classes in the fall. She loves running around the cottage, exploring, playing with other dogs and playing catch. She is very calm – and isn’t a fan of high energy dogs or children. Although this isn’t a problem now we are working on keeping her around children so that she doesn’t develop any further of a fear. We couldn’t ask for a better dog, we love her very much. I hope one day Jeremy will let me add another aussie to our family.

Thanks so much for Olive!!

Yes she is an Aussie. We had a dilute gene show up in a breeding of ours.

YES they are Australian Shepherds.

A Dilute form of a color.

They are still healthy and although we do not breed for this they still make extrodanary pets and companions. Some breeders may hide it I feel it just makes us that mutch better to learn from it and move forward.

They still are part of our family non the less!!
They are always welcome at our home. We will not hide it.

We are proud of our puppies.


Hi Dianna I wanted to let you know that Boston is doing great! He has been to his second puppy class at Luv a K9 and is learning fast. He has also had hisfinal shots from the Vet. He continues to be a handful but Kerry and I are handling the challenge very well. We will send you some pictures in thenext email after we've had a chance to get them off the camera. As i writethis to you he is wanting my attention and for me to play with him. Thanksagain as Boston is fitting in great with us at our new home.


Hi Dianna,

I feel bad that I haven't been in contact with you since we adopted Smudge. I just wanted to write to let you know that he is doing very well and is growing smarter, stronger and bigger every day. We changed his name to Wimbley and he responds to it very well :). We have had him in puppy kindergarten at LUV-A-K9 in Kingston and are now onto puppy grad. We are also in an agility class in Gananoque and he LOVES it! He sleeps well every night and only had a few accidents in his first few weeks. He is 30lbs now and has his appointment for neutering on Dec. 15th. We are headed to BC for Christmas so he was going to have his first plane trip,but there are no pets allowed during the Christmas season as there are too many parcels. So, he will have a week with his grandparents where I amsure he will get spoiled.

I have attached some pictures for you to see...these are back when he first came to live with us so I will have to send more once we take them.

Thanks again for a great puppy :)


Keira is a wonderful dog and we could not be happier. She is a year old and is doing great!
She knows so many tricks and is always surprising me by how smart she is and how loving she is. We were considering adopting another aussie as we love her so much and I know that she
would love a younger brother or sister to play with. I have attached new picture of Keira as well.

We are wondering what kinds of puppies you have now or if you are expecting any litters in the future.
Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Dianna,

Well, Koby is officially a year old now...hard to believe it's been that long!! We've put together a little tribute to his first year...hope you enjoy.
Lots of smiles and laughs...
Also, we've had SO MANY comments about how gorgeous Koby is and a few who are looking to get an Aussie. We've given your name to those looking...just out of interest has anyone reached you? We have a friend who is currently looking and was wondering if you had any puppies available now or in the near future.

If you have any pictures, please pass them along.

Hope all is well!
Talk soon,


Hi Dianna

Thought you might like a picture of Staynes at a yr just to see how he'slooking. He is an absolutely great dog, he has completed Grade 1obedience and working on grade 2. He has all of his basic commands,like sit down stay and come, down pat and know a few tricks too withmore on the way, he is a quick learner and is very food motivated, I usehis dog food for training treats. He has gone on a lot of the agilityequipment and I have to say that the tunnels and the A-Frame are hisfavorites with the jumps a very close second. On his walks where heruns through the fields he likes to stay within about 20-30 feet and youcan see his herding instinct kick in when he chasing my wife's dogaround, its neat to watch. I hope you think he's a good looking as Ido =). I get a lot of comments from other people too. If you have anycould you send me a picture of his brothers and sisters as they are nowI would love to see what they look like.

Talk to you again


Hi Dianna,

How are you? Hope all is well. Taz is getting fairly big now. She weighs about 37-38 pounds. We had her to the Vet last week to be spayed. I have attached the receipt listing the procedure for your records.
She is a fun and loving dog. We had her to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks a couple weeks back. She loved it down our place in Cape Breton. Running around the property in the dirt, gravel and mud, and the beach. She was great in the truck driving down and back. We gave her a bit of gravel to make sure her stomach didn't get too queasy. She was good in the hotel as well. How are your dogs and puppies?


Hope everythign is going well.
Take care. Talk to you later. Thanks.


Hi Dianna,

Thought you might like to see a few pictures of how our baby turned out!

As I said on the message, we are very happy with Ben. He is a very happy dog, although he is very skittish around new people but once he gets to know them, he is fine. We have attended a puppy training class to help us learn how best to train him and he clearly enjoyed it.

He loves to go on walks in High Park which we do daily. We are all getting more exercise which is a good thing! He is very people oriented and loves to be wherever we are in the house. When out walking, we often get comments on how beautiful he is and we have to agree!

We use a crate for when we are out and at night. He seems very content in it and often goes into it in the daytime when I am working in the kitchen. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we have all benefitted from getting him. Even Tony's father who lives next door is smitten with him and will often want to give him a treat which we are discouraging by giving him dog treats to give him instead!

I hope this lets you have some idea of how happy he is with us and how much he is loved. Please feel free to call again whenever you like as it must be hard to give up a puppy and not hear from them again.

Well, it is time for one of our many walks!



Hi Dianna,

We wanted to send you a recent picture of Koda! He is doing very well and we are all enjoying him a lot! He is learning fun and new tricks all the time, and generally obeys his commands (give or take!). He is a bit of a mama's boy (but I kinda like that..ha...ha).All is all-everything is great with Koda! Thanks for everything and we will be in touch again after his next big visit to the vets.


YES they are Australian Shepherds.

A Dilute form of a color.

They are still healthy and although we do not breed for this they still make extrodanary pets and companions. Some breeders may hide it I feel it just makes us that mutch better to learn from it and move forward.

They still are part of our family non the less!!
They are always welcome at our home. We will not hide it.

We are proud of our puppies.



Bear who is now known as Willow has settled nicely into her new home, and stolen the hearts of all of our family and friends. It was slow going at first it took her a few days to open up to us and start exploring her new home, but she is settled right in now. She stays right with us when she is outside in the yard so the only time we have to leash her is when we are out walking. She learned very quickly that when we are getting the kids jackets on it usually means we are going in the car and is quick to run to the side door and wag her body in anticipation for a car ride. She gets along terrific with other dogs and is not bothered at all by our cat ( and believe me the cat has tried very hard to get Willow to chase him!) She is great with the kids and already knows a few tricks. We are still having some issues with the potty training but I'm sure that will come in time. She is such a good girl and we are so happy to have her be a part of our family! I have included a picture of her with her with the kids, and i will keep you updated in the new year!
Thanks again for our wonderful girl!


Misty is doing pretty good. She is pretty skittish but is slowly settling down. She was not comfortable with men but that is getting better. She still gets quite reved up whenever my husband comes home or steps into a room but she loves to climb into bed with him for a cuddle! It takes her a bit to adjust to anything new but once she has her mind set that it is ok there is no stopping her. She loves to play with my daughter's 3 yr old horse. It is actually quite comical to watch but we just brought home a donkey just a week ago and she is not impressed with him. When Jack starts calling she runs for the house but like everything else it will take a bit.

Misty loves her routines and she is great at getting my youngest up in the morning. Doesn't matter where Misty is in the house, when she hears Tasha's alarm go off, she goes charging up those stairs and will not leave her alone until she gets up.

She is definitely adjusted well and we all love her to death. She has definitely became my and Tasha sucky baby.

Well, I guess I better head for bed because Misty is letting me know that everyone else is in bed and it is bedtime. Boy can she talk! LOL

I will forward anymore pics I have or take of Misty so you can see how she is doing.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas!


Chili is adjusting fine she and her sister Ellie are getting along just great.

Thanks again, will keep in touch.


Dear Dianna;

I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for an absolutely WONDERFUL aussie!!!!!!! Cooper (Honky) is turning out to be a super dog. He is so well behaved, smart and gentle. He has fit in beautifully with our family including our two very senior dogs Buddy and Zoe. We are very lucky to have found you and your beautiful dogs... Keep up the good work!!!!! I often visit your website to see pictures of your dogs and puppies. I get asked daily about where Cooper came from and have passed your name on a few times .I am including some pics of Cooper and would like to stay in touch.......

Thanks again,


Timber arrives 2 1/2 years ago and has been a great addition to our family. He goes on lots of trips with us and really enjoyed his three camping trips this year. During the ays he spends his time with our two cats...they all seem to get along. He has also been very beneficial for us as he gives us our exercise even if the wether is not favourable. One of his favorite activities is running off-leash with his Irish Setter buddy Ruby on long walks at the dog park.


Ace is doing really well and has settled into our new home with no problems. We’re backing onto a forest/ ravine now, so he spends most of his time in the back with the kids building a tree fort! He is such a fantastic dog- we get compliments on his calm and 100% obedient personality all the time from family and strangers alike. He is really wonderful.


YES they are Australian Shepherds.

A Dilute form of a color.

They are still healthy and although we do not breed for this they still make
extrodanary pets and companions. Some breeders may hide it I feel it just
makes us that mutch better to learn from it and move forward.

They still are part of our family non the less!!
They are always welcome at our home. We will not hide it.

We are proud of our puppies.





Hi Dianna,

It is good to here from you again. All is well and busy in our household. Summer is spoiled and doing well. She lives a better life than the rest of us. She is well taken care of and loved very much by all.

Summer is very smart as is a well behaved dog.Summer does not like the rain but loves the snow and cold weather and enjoys playing with the Frisbee as much as possible.


Hey Dee,

here are some pictures that i promised you I would send over. Tthey are not the ones from thanksgiving because those were not digital and therefore i don't have them on the computer - good news is i took these pictures today
- so they're totally updated.
i'm wondering if the rest of your dogs love the snow and ice as much as yoggi does. he constantly waits at the door for someone to open it up and run outside to play in the snow. it's absolutely hilarious!
talk to you soon


We welcomed Cronk into our home in November of 2007 and have never been more blessed! Cronk is the most loving gentle and loyal animal I have ever known. He is so obedient and respectful, it amazes everyone we encounter. My 2 children adore him and miss him when they are away. When we made the choice to adopt an elder dog we were not sure what to expect, but Cronk is no old man, he's active and full of life. I can honestly say we would be lost with out our spoiled boy!


Although our start with Kandy was not ideal... (losing a new family member for 12 days is AWFUL!). . . We are now happily settled into our new home. Kandy is adapting to her new environment very quickly. While Kandy will likely always be a shy girl, she continues to explore and come out of her shell everyday. Kandy has learned how to shake a paw, lay down, and show her belly (for a rubbing of course)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kandy is an extremely intelligent girl, she is patient and relaxed. Initially we were concerned that an Aussie would be too high energy for our lifestyle, given that we both work full time jobs outside of the home. Kandy is unlike many other Aussie's in a way that works for us. She doesn't try to herd the cat and she is content to lounge around the house for most of the day. Despite these few un-Aussie like characteristics, she is still able to run circles around us when she goes to the dog park.

We are so thankful to have Kandy in our lives, her beautiful smiling face never fails to brighten our day.


Living happily in Kemptville Living happily with a friend of the family.

Update to come.


Living happily on Ottawa with a half brother from a previous litter.

Update to come.


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