Our Kennel

A little info about us. My husband and I have been raising Australian Shepherds since 1999. Miniature Australian Shepherds since 2004. Our love for the breed has led us to them all.   Our first female was a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She was and still is my personal learning experience. As a joke I always say that your first Aussie is your worst Aussie. They are an excellent breed. The reason for me saying this is because they are so smart and highly intelligent. If you don’t train them guaranteed they will train you. Even if you think you are not being trained.

With everyone of our puppies, my children are always on hand to lend a hand in mauling (socializing), playing and cleaning up after the puppies. All of our puppies are raised completely in the house. They are raised on shavings to make for an easy transition to there new homes. We pride ourselves in happy confident playful puppies. My help is always available in raising and training your new found love. They are highly trainable and very diverse in what they can do. They are used in pretty much anything you can imagine. The intention they were originally bred for is herding. They have since been used as companions, seeing eye dogs, drug sniffing canine’s , rescue dogs, alert dogs for epileptic patients, therapy as well as pretty much any sporting event.

It is without saying that they are excellent sporting dogs in agility, flyball and rally-O. They have proven to be very competitive in conformation classes. They are always a crowd pleaser. Our kennel has recently ventured into retrieving. We do not hunt but want to prove the diversity of the breed.

Most of our puppies are for non breeding pet homes. There are a select few that we keep ourselves and some are also in there forever homes on a co-own bases.  Only the best of the best are placed on Breeding contracts. We breed first and for most for health and temperament. The dog can be absolutely correct in every way but if you can’t get near it what good is it!

Next in line is sporting, and then conformation. If they possess all of the above then we have the best. This is ultimately what we are striving for. Highly trainable, intelligent, companion that can be used in Conformation, herding and sporting events, as well as anything else that may be thrown their way.

We welcome all visitors and all questions. The more that  you know the better it makes you as the handler and the better it makes me as a breeder. I like to work with new handlers to ensure that the puppy is doing everything that I expect it to and is being everything that you expect it to be. If you would like to know more about us please browse our site for a listing of individual dogs and expected litters and dates of events that we will be attending. We would personally like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us and taking interest to learn more about the breed that we know and love.

Our Australian Shepherds are CKC Registered.  Miniature Australian Shepherds are not recognized by CKC. My Miniature Australian Shepherds are MASCA or NSDR  registered because of this reason. If you have any questions about this or want to find out more about this contact us and we would be happy to talk to you about it.