If you would like to put a deposit on our upcoming litters please fill out a puppy application. 

These are our thoughts and plans for 2020. However depending on when these girls come into heat will decide if they are bred or if they will wait until the following heat cycle. Not every girl is bred every year. In 2019 we had one litter.

We are very busy competing with our dogs as well as other friend’s dogs in conformation as well as flyball. Our time spent with the dogs always comes before having puppies. We also want to ensure we are home through out the first 8 weeks as much as possible on weekends to ensure that they get the proper stimulation and care to ensure you also get the best pup possible. Not all puppies are raised at our house. We have a couple wonderful foster families that also enjoy puppies. This allows us to have puppies in our busy season with competing as well.

Not every female is bred every year. 

Planned Miniature Australian Shepherd Litters 2020


Kiera X Waylon

Puppies have arrived

October 4, 2020


Quinn x Waylon

 Puppies Due Week of
October 14, 2020


Planned CKC Australian Shepherd Litter 2020


Coral X Cash

Puppies Due Week of

October 31, 2020

Halloween Babies maybe


Planned Miniature Australian Shepherd Litters 2021



Dallas X Icon

Winter 2020/Spring 2021


Kiera X Bolt


 All of our puppies come home with:

*Your puppy will be registered with CKC (Australian Shepherd) MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd)
*3 year genetic health guarantee
*Tail docked
*Dew-claws removed
*First set of Vaccinations
*De-wormed several times
*Micro chipped
*Identification tag
*Fleece blanket with mom’s scent on it
*Tried tested and puppy approved toys
*Food Raw or Kibble to get you of to a good start. (Puppies are always introduced and fed both)
*All puppies are offered on a non-breeding agreement as pets.


We take a lot of time, love and training with our companions. The puppies are raised with the utmost care, completely in our house! Underfoot not confined for all hours of the day. They are being raised with children of different ages and adults. As well a house cat and other canine companions. They are very social puppies when they leave our care.

We do not reserve your pick puppy until we have chosen ours. We do however take deposits on a first come first serve bases after we have picked our puppy/puppies they are available to the public. This is not always decided right away. However when I breed for a litter I do have a desired gender in mind that I will watch until the puppies are older for my own pick, however any that I take out of this category will be available to place on hold at a younger age. The best show quality puppies are always reserved for us or our breeder friends first. Preference taken to sporting homes second. If we cannot find breeding homes or sporting homes for our top show quality puppies they will be offered as pet quality.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to enjoy our companions and to learn more about us.